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Top 15 Most Promising Blockchain Startups - 2018

Blockchain technology can be regarded as one of the biggest game changers since the advent of the internet. To put things in perspective, blockchain is to transparency, and much more, the way internet is to communication. The tech’s implications have impacted various verticals, including entertainment, healthcare, information security, and not to mention, the financial space where it has redefined payment mechanisms by imparting more power to the people rather than centralized banking structures. Today, enterprises as well as government organizations are identifying areas where blockchain technologies can be rightfully and beneficially leveraged. And as with any new technological intervention—they face hurdles pertaining to inexperience, education, and scarcity of development resources. Helping enterprises map and execute suitable blockchain strategies, a number of startups have spurred up to help their clients navigate through the rather unmapped realms of the tech’s applications and use cases. Start-up tend to be affordable and all the more innovative; arguably, start-ups tend to know the real pulse of the industry than bigger, established entities.

Segregating marketing claims and points of value, zeroing in on the exact requirements, keeping an eye for changing trends and the long process of trying and testing are among the necessary hurdles organization must go through prior to opting for a suitable blockchain solution provider. With the intense market completion, buyers of enterprise solutions are no less susceptible to the paradox of choice

In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts, along with our editorial board, reviewed and shortlisted the top companies that are at the forefront of delivering turnkey fraud detection solutions. We present to you Startup City’s “Top 15 Most Promising Blockchain Startups - 2018,” featuring the companies that can deliver competitive advantage to the financial sector.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Aion Offers a multi-tier blockchain platform designed to address unsolved questions of scalability, privacy, and interoperability
Blockchain Capital Venture capital firm investing in Blockchain-enabled technology companies
Blockchain Consultants Provides a broad range of services around blockchain technology including strategic planning, blockchain architecture, developer training, and executive training
BLOCNETS A blockchain-enabled supply chain management solutions provider that creates a true peer-to-peer system to effectively connect all the participants of the supply chain landscape
Bloq Delivers comprehensive, enterprise-class blockchain solutions to business, while continuing to support innovation in the blockchain and open-source ecosystem
Cambridge Blockchain Offers a single, trusted and consistent view of customer reference data to resolve the competing challenges of transparency and privacy
Chain Build cryptographic ledgers that underpin breakthrough financial products and services
Chainyard Chainyard™ is a leader in developing blockchain-based solutions for enterprises. Our team of more than 50 blockchain consultants and developers has delivered leading-edge solutions that address manufacturing, financial services, supply chain, and government services pain points. These solutions are critical to improving efficiency and creating competitive advantage for our clients.
Custom Blockchain Solutions Leverge AI, machine learning and existing technologies, data and marketing infrastructures; to create custom blockchain solutions that leverage the strength of each technology
Enigma Introduce private smart contracts that allow for computations on encrypted data, utilizing the blockchain infrastructure for correctness and payment distribution
Fr8 Network Delivers blockchain enabled logistics by developing a global protocol that connects disparate data & communication systems and stakeholders across regions
Gridcube Provides API-based blockchain technology to enhance tokenization, smart contracts, and data security
Harbor Offers a platform that ensures tokenized securities comply with existing securities laws on every trade, everywhere across the globe
Hashed Health Offers advance distributed ledger solutions for the unique problems facing the healthcare industry
ImpactPPA Provides an Ethereum-based decentralized energy platform to transform the global energy finance industry