Blockchain Consultants: Blockchain Implementation - A Thousand Time Quicker and One Hundred Times Less Expensive

Michael Noel, CEO & Co-founder, Blockchain ConsultantsMichael Noel, CEO & Co-founder
Blockchain technology is beginning to show up in workflows across the business world. In small or medium-sized business, startups or even the enterprise, industry leaders are jumping on the Blockchain bandwagon. “Blockchain technology is continuously evolving and changing so rapidly that it’s challenging to keep up with, even for people in the industry. That’s where we come in; we demystify and simplify the process of blockchain implementation.” This bold statement comes from the seasoned serial entrepreneur, technologist, publisher, certified blockchain professional, and the Co-founder and CEO of Blockchain Consultants, Michael Noel, who believes that this surreal transformation requires developing an in-depth understanding of how the blockchain could be implemented in existing workflows seamlessly, and efficiently.

“As consultants, we offer advice on the strategic deployment of blockchain technology. After a thorough analysis of a company and its workflow, we take a portion of that workflow and scope out blockchain technology which reduces friction, develops trust and functions a thousand times quicker and one hundred times less expensive than the current workflow.

As consultants, we offer advice on the strategic deployment of blockchain technology after a thorough analysis of a company and its workflow

Then as developers, we quickly implement that technology, inside the current workflow as an MVP. Once this core process is completed, the balance of the workflow can be rationalized using blockchain technology. Blockchain Consultants provides consulting and development of the MVP with a focus on transforming the current workflow entirely from an MVP base,” asserts Noel.

Having worked on cryptocurrency mining since 2011, then in 2014 with the discovery of Ethereum Noel realized that smart contracts had the potential to change everything. This nurtured a hard pivot to rationalizing workflows with smart contracts. Noel started Blockchain Consultants in 2016 and has been helping multiple companies from various industries, adopt the distributed ledger technology ever since. Whether it’s strategic planning, blockchain architecture, blockchain development, or executive training, Blockchain Consultants are experts for the whole nine yards.

Noel leaves no stones unturned in teaching people about the importance of using blockchain in the right way. He is the facilitator and host of Blockchain Weekly—a regular series of live interactive virtual video events that cover the latest issues in the blockchain marketplace and gives the audience a chance to ask questions. Also, he is a facilitator for the Phoenix Blockchain Meetup, facilitator for the Cryptocurrency Adopters Meetup, and the Co-founder and CTO of Swift Harvest—which provides tokenized Alfalfa workflows using the distributed ledger.

For the future, the company aims to continue growing rapidly. With its excellent technical expertise and the experience, Blockchain Consultants focuses on using and developing the new crypto assets including ERC-20, ERC- 721, and IOTA for rationalizing the workflows and making processes more efficient and profitable.