Chainyard: Cutting-Edge Blockchain Solution Provider

Sai Nidamarty, CEO & Co-founder, ChainyardSai Nidamarty, CEO & Co-founder
Few technologies have caught the attention of enterprises and governments as significantly as Blockchain. What started as the underpinning technology behind Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt existing processes across industries including global trade, finance, insurance, supply chain, healthcare, conflict minerals and food processing. Recognizing the immense opportunity ahead and the profound potential of blockchain, in 2016, Chainyard, based in Morrisville, North Carolina emerged with a vision of becoming a leading provider of consulting services with a rich portfolio of offerings that would enable enterprises to educate, embrace and leverage the technology.

Sai Nidamarty, the Co-founder and CEO of Chainyard, along with Mohan Venkataraman, the CTO built a core team consisting of principals, developers and devops engineers for implementing blockchain based solutions for their enterprise customers. “Blockchain has redefined the way enterprises conduct business with partners and governments, verify transactions, share data, and authenticate goods and services. We want to help companies by using our expertise to understand the implicit challenges within their industries and help build them to build world class solutions,” asserts Nidamarty.

A strong partnership with IBM and The Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger-Fabric community, Nidamarty highlights, has guided in the creation of a critical mass of consulting talent and a well-defined strategy to deliver enterprise grade blockchain services.

We have deep expertise which helps technical leaders to develop their roadmaps and frameworks for shifting their current cross enterprise functions to new shared platforms with blockchain technology

Initially, Chainyard’s focus was to assist and support IBM in the development and testing of the open-source Hyperledger Fabric project and quickly there after implementation of several projects leading to a strong and deep expertise in the technology. “Our initial solutions were focused on “track and trace” with prominent use cases especially catering to manufactured assets. Since then, we have moved to other supply chain problems– many in multiple phases of production,” says Nidamarty. The company emphasizes delivery of blockchain consulting services to address supply chain pain points across industries.

Chainyard offers a host of advisory services from opportunity assessment, implementation and operational governance, leveraging pre-built components, frameworks and best practices that accelerate time to value realization. These Chainyard accelerators significantly reduce the time it takes to distill business value out of use cases, develop POCs and MVPs, and implement pilots. Their Blockchain Network Engineering services include provisioning, management, maintenance and support of blockchain networks. Chainyard can advise on critical aspects of consortium building such as helping to establish guiding principles and governance between the members.

Chainyard caters to clients from small businesses to large enterprise companies to survey their business networks and look for opportunities to increase business value by integrating blockchain-based solutions into their landscape. The company has worked on a wide spectrum of projects that span public and private institutions across multiple industries including procurement, banking, financial services, insurance, regulatory, and transportation.

Chainyard expects to continue double-digit growth in its business and is making major investments to grow beyond North America, by expanding into the Middle East including Dubai and Saudi Arabia, and the Asia-Pacific regions including India, Singapore, and Australia. “Our main focus has been on Hyperledger Fabric including the IBM Blockchain Platform. We have also built limited expertise in hybrid Ethereum solutions and exploring other emerging blockchain platforms such as Corda as well,” concludes Nidamarty.